Dalia Segev   Visual Artist
Dalia Segev

Dalia Segev, was born in 1961, Israel.
She graduated from Bezalel Art Academy (B.F.A.) 1983-88.
A member of the international association of art "Impact".
Her works were exhibited in private collections in Israel and abroad.
She teaches art in her studio  in Jerusalem.

Solo Exhibitions
1996 – The Pedagogic Center of Teaching, Jerusalem
2002 – Jerar Bachar Theatre – Jerusalem.
2004 – Tzavta Gallery – Tel Aviv.
2005 – "Light",Hashfela Museum, Kfar Menachem, oil paintings. 
2014 -  "Dialogue", Ephrat Gallery - Tel Aviv.
2016 - "Limited Spaces" - Jerusalem 

Group Exhibitions
1988- The Gallery of Artist House, Jerusalem - Exhibition of the Bezalel  Academy graduation.
1991- ADOGI Barcelona – Japan - International exhibition of etching.
1992- EFRAT Gallery – Tel Aviv, pastel paintings
1999 – The Israeli Consulate, San Francisco, U.S.A.- Watercolor, landscapes of Jerusalem.
.2007-Yearning for peace,
2008 – Reflections,The Gallery of Mevaseert Zion
2009 –Exhibition on the subject of gender, Shoham
2010 – Torso plus, Einav center of Calture, Tel Aviv
2011 – mythology, Maleor Gallery, Caesarea
2012- Forbidden Works, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Liliana Kleiner
2012-women's Art Book Exhibition, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Liliana Kleiner
2014 - "For Your Eyes Only", Hecht House, Haifa. Curators: Moti mountain and Sima Shahar
018 - Contemporary Local Print,The new gallery Artists' Studios teddy,Jerusalem. Curators: Irena Gordon, Tamar Gispan

Other Publications
1 -Haaretz newspaper article about solo exhibition "Dialogue" 13/10/14 .
2- T.V. Channel 10 "Gallery today" -14/10/14 .
3- Cover photo Saturday culture supplement of the newspaper Makor Rishon 17/10/14 .
4- Illustrations for the magazine "Chayim Acherim".

5- Catalogues for the Exhibitions "torso plus", "For Your Eyes Only","Yearning for peace".
6- Catalogue for the solo exhibition "Dialogue" 2014.
7- An International magazine for Israeli artists: art-magazine.wix-com/42degrees.


Works on public collections
Pedagogic Center for teachers in Jerusalem.

Some of my works can be found in privet collections in Israel and overseas.

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